What's Going On

Let’s look at the situation for a young adult still at home, and the parents do not have a positive relationship. The teen or early teen may want to try to help fix the situation, but of course are unable to, which can produce a whole range of negative feelings as well as extreme stress. In that situation, the teen needs to understand that he or she is not responsible for the behavior and choices of the parents. The best course of action for the teen is to be removed when the parents are fighting. When it starts, just leave and go somewhere that is a positive place and not stressful. A teen can go visit a friend or take a relaxing walk-anything that is positive in nature.

If a person has previous experience at overcoming stress, that can also play an important part in recovery. Coping and recovering shouldn’t take as long if a person has had previous experience in successfully dealing with a highly stressful situation. This type of person has the learned tools needed to be able to deal with high or extreme stress. Ways to effectively handle extreme stress is very different between adults, teens and young children. The best route for any age group, but especially for young children is professional treatment. It can be beneficial to offer ongoing long term support to adults and teens depending on the nature of the trauma. Unless you have a family member to watch your child while you are at work, you will probably need childcare if you have a full time job. Do research on the daycare options in your area to find the one that meets your needs and is the most affordable. The best way to find good childcare is through personal recommendations, so ask everyone you know for suggestions.

When you are ready for an emergency, you will have a list of people to contact who can help, such as your family members. Life or death situations don’t happen very often, but there are a lot of little things that come up that still will need help, such as various problems that will make you late coming home. There are times when you will need a quick babysitter, or drop in day care, so it is nice to know about these services in advance, and how to use them.