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The NBI is an attitude free, relaxed, community pub with live music, DJs and a great bar all under one roof. Eddie sez: "What makes this pub work is the people that come here; St. David's has always been a diverse and cosmopolitan part of Exeter, and the warmth of the welcome is just part of living in Devon". On Exeter's Iron Bridge, built in 1836, the North Bridge Inn serves the St. David's Hill community and all those lucky enough to find it.

The name has been registered with Exeter City Records since 1840 and there are various original Georgian features to be found in the building. Anyone who can provide photos or information regarding the history of the N.B.I. are invited to contact Edgar or any member of staff.

But enough of the history lesson; Look around the site and find out what's going on @ the N.B.I.!!

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North Bridge Girl

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Have Your First Date at North Bridge Inn

Anyone that has ever lived or stayed in Exeter before will be able to attest to the fact that the North Bridge Inn is without a doubt one of the best pubs in the area. Not only is it a great place to enjoy a few beers with the lads but it is also an excellent choice for those looking to have their first date there.

The pub is extremely popular due to its relaxing environment and extensive list of beers and other beverages on offer. The fact that it also serves up some great grub, has plenty of entertainment options such as a pool table, gambling machines, and live sports only makes for the North Bridge Inn to seem like the only pub worthy of visiting.

The First Date

Those planning on bringing a date to the North Bridge Inn will be made to feel at home straight away while the choice of wines will be sure to impress the accompaniment. A glorious meal cooked by a wonderful chef will ensure that any date goes smoothly. Who knows, this could be another first date pub that led to marriage – there have been many over the years. There is a quieter seating area for those wanting more privacy and less noise from the regulars as most will know that after a few drinks some people can get a little louder. This is the same in any pub and by no means detracts from what is the perfect destination for a break the ice type of first date to allow two people to get to know each other more.

No Date – No Worries

Those that want a night out at the North Bridge Inn that do not have a date lined up can pick one of the most beautiful girls in the area to accompany them instead. London ladies are attractive women that love to have a good time while being wined and dined. They will ensure that their clients have the best time whether it is drinking or eating at the North Bridge Inn or enjoying a game of pool.

Girls can ensure that visitors to the inn are not sitting alone without any company and can make the whole experience of having a few beers that far more entertaining for them. Having company can make a massive difference to the enjoyment levels found in a pub environment, especially if it is that person’s first visit. All in all, bringing London ladies along to a fantastic pub such as the North Bridge Inn will significantly enhance the levels of enjoyment that are already at a high level anyway.

Second, Third and Fourth Dates

The North Bridge Inn has such a success rate that most people enjoying a first date will go on to have many more in the pub. For many it has become a regular haunting ground when a couple that first met would like to not only get out and let their hair down but also go back to the place that led to them falling in love and getting together. Those that had to go down the root of getting ladies should not worry – the North Bridge Inn will be there for your next first date and one that will hopefully turn into the kind of special that it has for others.